As-Subah Academy Nikah Services

We offer nikah contract services carried out by qualified Imams who will ensure that the nikah is valid and carried out according to the sunnah.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “Nikah is from my Sunnah…”

For a nikah to be performed, the following will be necessary:

  1. Consent of both the bride and groom
  2. Two adult witnesses
  3. An adult representative of the bride

The nikah will have to be pre-arranged and the form must be filled in and submitted prior to the day.

Foreign passport holders must submit a copy of their visa (validating they have the right to remain in the UK) or Marriage Certificate issued by the local registry office. They must also provide proof of residency.

Passport copies for both the bride & groom must be submitted along with the form.

There is a fee of £100 for the service and nikah certificate (additional fees may apply if the imam is required to travel to perform the nikah).

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