Signs of Loving the Prophet ﷺ

By Qadi ‘Iyad

Translation & Summary by Mufti Zameelur Rahman

Qadi ‘Iyad, Allah have mercy on him, said: 

“Recognise that someone who loves another will give him preference and give preference to emulating him. Otherwise, he is not true in his love and will only be a claimant. Hence, the one who is true in his love for the Prophet ﷺ is the one in whom the signs of love are apparent.

“The very first sign is imitation of him, practising his Sunnah, following his words and deeds, complying with his commands and refraining from his prohibitions, taking on his etiquettes during hardship and ease, prosperity and difficulty, and giving preference to what he legislated and encouraged over one’s personal whim. The Prophet ﷺ said: ‘Whoever gives life to my Sunnah loves me and whoever loves me will be with me in Paradise.’ Whoever has this quality has full love for Allah and His Messenger. Whoever parts from it in some aspects is deficient in his love, but is not excluded from the quality in its entirety.

“Another sign of loving the Prophet ﷺ is talking about him frequently, for whoever loves a thing mentions it a lot. Another sign is having an intense yearning to meet him as all who love wish to meet his beloved. Another sign is to have reverence for him and respect when he is mentioned and displaying humility when hearing his name. Another sign is to love those that the Prophet ﷺ loved. Another sign is hating those that Allah and His Messenger hate and opposing those they oppose and staying away from those who oppose his Sunnah and innovate in his religion and finding burdensome everything that opposes his law. Another sign is loving the Qur’an that he brought and loving his Sunnah and sticking to its boundaries. Another sign is having compassion for his Ummah and goodwill towards them and making efforts to create peace amongst them and remove harm from them.” (al-Shifa, p. 499-504; summarised)

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