As-Subah New Muslimah Network

Creating a friendly community and safe place for new Muslim sisters to connect with each other as well as with female scholars who can provide religious guidance and support.

A FREE service for sisters who have recently accepted Islam.

Countless people accept Islam on a daily basis and there is a genuine need for the Muslim community to offer these blessed individuals continued support and guidance; helping them learn about Islam and assisting them through their struggles.

Allah mentions:

‘Such is the guidance of Allah. He guides with it whomever He so wills of His servants.’

(Surat al-An’am: verse 88)

All praise is due to Allah – we have a group of female scholars who have volunteered to take up the mantle and create a special network specifically for new Muslim sisters; providing them with the basic gifts of time and attention and a place where they can not only feel safe and comfortable to ask questions without feeling silly or awkward; but also allowing them to connect with a community of other new Muslim sisters like them, who can relate to everything they are going through.

Females Only

AThe As-Subah New Muslimah Network is a service available only to sisters who have recently accepted Islam. We have a screening process in place to ensure the service is not abused.

Additional Support

We are able to offer the following to those who join the New Muslimah Network:

Free access to various Islamic courses on our site ideal for new Muslims.

A basic essentials pack for new Muslim sisters (UK ONLY) including a prayer mat, an easy to wear hijab for prayers, a Qa’idah (beginner level book for learning how to recite the Qur’an), a tasbih (prayer beads) and a miswak (tooth stick).

The female scholars will also provide some basic essential learning right from the beginning stages – including lessons on learning how to read the Qur’an.

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The As-Subah New Muslimah Network is part of our charitable outreach efforts & projects.